What is Advanced Practice Nursing?

What is Advanced Practice Nursing?

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Using any resources that you can find, identify the difference between nursing practice and advanced practice nursing. Support advanced practice nursing by identifying nursing theories that can be applied to advanced practice nursing.

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Citations: At least one high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years
What is Advanced Practice Nursing?

What is Advanced Practice Nursing?

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What is Advanced Practice Nursing?
The nursing practice incorporates many activities that nurses partake in, like direct or indirect patient care in clinical practice, nursing administration, education, research, or consultation that uses the specified credentials. The difference with advanced practice nursing is that advanced practice nursing involves nurses that have advanced clinical and educational requirements recommended for diagnosing, treating, and prescribing medications (Deshaies, 2022). They practice nursing within known boundaries using nursing philosophies and theories. The nurses get their license from practice states and various national nursing organizations. Advanced practice nursing is thus nursing that takes on additional responsibilities of education and scope of nursing practice.
Advance practice nursing uses organized frameworks of knowledge to define and elaborate on what nurses do and why they do it. Nursing theories distinguish nursing as a separate field from medicine and assist nurses to understand patients and their needs (Wayne, 2021). These theories are diverse though some share principles, and they provide nurses with a template to offer care that respects, listens and responds to patient needs. The goal of any framework is to improve patient outcomes. Some frameworks fit the description of advanced practice nursing, and they include Interaction theories like King’s theory of attainment focus on the relationship between nurses and patients, and Outcome theories like Levine’s Conservation theory focus on the nurse’s role in driving change for the patient, and Humanistic theories like Carl Rogers theory focus on individual patient’s needs and the role of each patient in promoting individual health. All these theories follow specific guidelines that fit the roles of an advanced practice nurse in any healthcare setting.  
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What is Advanced Practice Nursing?

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