What is a competency?

What is a competency?


1.What is a competency?

2.What does “being competent” mean in light of question #1?

3.What exam validates “entry-level nursing competence”?

4.Explain the necessity of continued competence in a nurse.

5.According to the MS Competency Model, describe a scenario in which each level of nursing would provide care to a diabetic patient.

6.The 8 Core components of the NLN Competencies for the A.D.N are professionalism, leadership, systems-based practice, informatics and technology, communication, team work and collaboration, safety, quality improvement, evidenced-based practice, patient-centered care. Cite an example of how you are meeting each one of these areas in the current nursing program.

7.What are some societal, demographic, economic trends that have affected health care and thus competencies of the nurse?

8.Cite 1 article dealing with nursing competency within the last year and briefly describe the contents of the article with your opinion as conclusion.

9.List ways that you, as a nurse, can remain competent and decrease your risk of liability and malpractice.

10.Relay a situation in which a nurse of 20 years’ experience could actually be a novice or beginning nurse.

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