The Unique Nature of Nursing

The Unique Nature of Nursing

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Identify the unique purpose of nursing that is NOT performed by any other profession. What do nurses do that no other profession or discipline is dedicated to perform? Identify this concept and link it to a concept in any theoretical framework.

Length: A minimum of 250 words, not including references
Citations: At least one high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years
The Unique Nature of Nursing

The Unique Nature of Nursing

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The Unique Nature of Nursing
Nursing is a healthcare profession distinct from other professions because it has a broad scope of practice in the medical field. The unique purpose of nursing that is not performed by any other profession is the caring aspect (Smith, 2019). Nursing focuses on the care of an individual, families, and the community by extension to help them to recover from illnesses, maintain quality health, and live a good quality of life. Nurses play a role in promoting health, preventing infections, and caring for all patients. They are responsible for ongoing care for patients in the hospital by promoting health, caring for all types of patients, be it disabled or mentally ill, teaching proper health practices, assisting in healthcare research, and supervising and teaching other upcoming nurses (Olsen & Gjevjon, 2017). As a profession, nurses provide exemplary care to patients at all times, prioritise care depending on specific needs, collaborate with other healthcare professionals to provide critical care to patients to improve patient outcomes and maintain integrity and honesty in their professional practice.
Jean Watson’s theory of human caring is a theoretical framework linking to the concept of caring (Wayne, 2021). The theory proposes that nursing is about promoting individual health, preventing illnesses at the community level, caring for the sick in and out of hospital settings, and involving in activities that restore health. The framework is concerned with how nurses care for their patients and how the caring process translates to plans that promote health, prevent illness, and restore health. The framework also focuses on proper health promotion and treatment of disease (Wayne, 2021). The theory has a mantra central to service delivery, and it is caring in every nursing practice. The results would be overall individual health promotion aside from the simple treatment of illnesses.  
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The Unique Nature of Nursing

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