The metaparadigm of nursing

The metaparadigm of nursing
Take one component in the Metaparadigm of Nursing, identify and discuss the concept or concepts of Watson’s Theory of Caring that support that Watson wrote a theory of nursing based on the criteria established in the Metaparadigm of Nursing.
The metaparadigm of nursing


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The metaparadigm of nursing serves as a structure to articulate nursing theories. The theories define nursing as a discipline separate from medicine and base it on delivering care to patients. Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring follows the structure and concepts of the metaparadigm of nursing and identifies the person, health, nursing, and environment components. The person component stands out because it encompasses the entire interpretation of human caring in nursing. In practice, healthcare workers have to engage emotions in caring, open up to new spiritual experiences, and look after the health and needs of patients.
Watson’s interpretation of the person concept in the metaparadigm of nursing promotes caring for human needs through the practice of caring for the person by promoting health and wellness, preventing illness or disease, caring for those afflicted with disease and condition, and health restoration (“Watson’s philosophy and science of caring,” 2020). The theory’s definition of the person is a valued individual who should be cared for, natured, respected, and understood based on cultural, spiritual, and physical differences. Each person should thus receive assistance from healthcare service providers with utmost care.
The scientific rationale for nursing interventions gives nurses the knowledge base they need to respond to nursing care situations (Gonzalo, 2021). Central to the person, the theory assumes that; caring can only be practiced interpersonally; the satisfaction of specific human needs results from carative factors; each healthcare provider responds to a patient as they are; and that a caring environment recognizes and respects the patient’s potential for self-growth and development. The theory also assumes that practical caring promotes individual and family health and growth.
The assumptions provide the basis for healthcare providers to promote health and development in patients and offer a humanistic basis of values that begin at an early age, moderated by nurses’ life experiences, learning, and exposure to different encounters.  
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The metaparadigm of nursing

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