Schizoaffective disorder depressive type, PTSD


Client info

· Client Information: A,L 35 y m

· Diagnosis: Schizoaffective disorder depressive type, PTSD

· Current medications: Clonazepam 1mg TID, Geodon 40 mg, Sertraline 100 mg daily, Gabapentin 800 mg TID

· Visit Information: CC; “My medications are working. I don’t have any psychological questions or issues. I’m doing good. I was doing some research and I found out that modern western philosophy it came from allegorical alchemy that came from the kabala. I found that interesting about hoe the world works.”

· Treatment Plan: continue psychotherapy. Continue medication regimen

· Notes: he is compliant with his medication regimen and reports no issues or adverse side effects. client is pleasant/delusional. He is a pleasantly psychotic client. The client is calm and cooperative. The client reports he has not had any incidents with his family or law enforcement. The client reports an amicable home life and satisfaction in his current quality of life. He is on disability and his current state is possibly as close to his baseline as he is going to get. He is currently in a position where he is not getting in trouble.

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