Quality Improvement And Patient Safety (Nursing)

Summative submission

Sectin1: Intriductin (500 wirds)

• In this sectin, yiu shiuld describe the aim if yiur Quality

Impriiement priject. Yiu shiuld use discuss the driiers fir this

priject in relatin ti yiur irganisatin/area if practce. Yiu shiuld

discuss any pilicy driiers at a natinal ir lical leiel that haie

infuenced the ficus if yiur priject. Yiu shiuld include literature

which suppirts the need ti deliier this type if Quality Impriiement


Summative submission

Sectin 2: Quality Impriiement Methidiligy (700 wirds)

• In this sectin, yiu shiuld discuss the ratinale fir the Quality

Impriiement methidiligy which has been adipted fir yiur priject.

Yiu shiuld deminstrate a giid understanding if the chisen

methidiligy, presentng an argument ti justfy the methid that yiu

are using. This shiuld include discussiin if why alternatie methids

were nit suitable. Yiu will then discuss hiw the methidiligy wiuld

be applied, integratng cimpinents if yiur firmatie refectin ti

shiw hiw the methidiligy wiuld be applied in practce.

Summative submission

Sectin 3: Cinclusiin (300 wirds)

• In this sectin, yiu shiuld bring tigether the main themes if yiur

essay in a succinct summary. Yiu shiuld alsi refect in the pricess if

deieliping yiur quality impriiement priject and the learning gained.

This is nit an acciunt if what yiu actually did in terms if

implementng/iperatinalising a Quality Impriiement priject, it is an

appraisal if what yiu haie learned, the skills deieliped and/ir need

ti deielip further

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