Prescriptive Authority websites

Prescriptive Authority websites

After passing your certification exam, the next step is to obtain your Nurse Practitioner (RN/NP) license. Then you should apply for prescriptive authority in the state in which you plan to practice. In some states, this requires a collaborating/supervising physician and in some states there are restrictions for NP prescribing. Once you obtain a state prescriptive license, you will need to apply for a federal drug enforcement administration (DEA) certificate, in order to prescribe narcotics. Use the following resources to complete this week’s IPPD assignment.

  • Prescriptive Authority websites
  • MCSR
  • DEA
  • DEA Forms and Applications

Using the document you started in Week 1 and added to in Week 5, please add the following information to the Week 6 area. Using the Prescriptive Authority websites, select the state (s) you plan to practice in and become familiar with each state’s regulations related to NP prescriptive authority. In some states prescriptive authority is explained in the BON and the Department of Public Health (DPH), so you may need to search the DPH website as well. In addition, you can access some of this information in your Buppert text in Appendix 3B. You will also need to become familiar with the Federal DEA regulations for your state in order to be licensed to prescribe narcotics.

  • What are the prescriptive authority requirements for the state in which you intend to practice? Is there a MD collaborative or supervisory regulation related to non-controlled substances or controlled substances. Are there any restrictions for NP prescriptive practice? Does the state utilize a system-wide drug monitoring program to assist with prevention of overprescribing?
  • Include the State prescriptive authority regulations hyperlink.
  • Does the state allow DEA licensure? What are the requirements to obtain a DEA certificate? Are there any MD collaborative/supervisory regulations related to narcotic prescribing? Are there any restrictions to prescribing narcotics? Opioid restrictions? Narcan authority?
  • Include the Federal DEA hyperlink.
  • a

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