Nursing Theories

Nursing Theories
Link the theory you developed in Weeks 2 and 5 with the Metaparadigm of Nursing. Each of the elements of the Metaparadigm should be represented in your theory. Revise your theory if necessary to include each of the components of the Metaparadigm.

same theory : My theory is that if healthcare providers introduce themselves, their titles, and disclose potential outcomes ahead of time, patients’ anxiety would decrease, and they would develop trust in the entire process.
Nursing Theories


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Each nursing theory is diverse and based on the individual setting it forth. Yet, the concepts that drive them are usually similar and follow a nursing metaparadigm that offers a holistic approach to patient care. The metaparadigm comprises four significant concepts that frequently interrelate and are fundamental to nursing theory. They include the person, environment, health, and nursing. Similarly, the theory that ‘if healthcare providers introduce themselves and their titles and disclose potential outcomes ahead of time, patients’ anxiety would decrease. They develop trust in the entire process following the metaparadigm of nursing.
The person in the theory would be the patient, as they would receive the healthcare service after a healthcare provider introduced themselves (Wayne, 2021). The healthcare provider strives to reduce the tension generated by any patient encounter, whether the encounter is an emergency or a planned visit.
The definition of health in this theory would be the reduction of anxiety in the patient and the patient trusting the entire healthcare process. An intense, excessive, persistent worry or fear would only impede the perception of the quality of service the patient experiences.
The theory does not entirely address the specific environment, though it emphasizes that anxiety in the patient would reduce if the healthcare provider introduced themselves before administering service “Nursing Metaparadigm concepts and theory,” 2020). This theory addresses no particular setting, but any patient encounter would need an introduction before service administration. The environment would thus be the setting in any patient encounter, whether external or internal, like friends, family, or the location the service delivery occurs.
The definition of nursing in this process would be the administration of holistic service while considering the patient’s wellbeing. It would be a significant therapeutic process as the healthcare provider’s characteristics and actions would provide care in conjunction with the patient. Ultimately, the goal of nursing in this theory would be to improve patient care by reducing the anxiety experienced at the initial encounter.
The theory thus follows the four concepts of the metaparadigm of nursing and strives to provide holistic patient care, especially in situations healthcare providers might need to act quickly to save the patient’s life. 
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Nursing Theories

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