NR534A- Informatics & Healthcare Technology

Final Health IT Evaluation Project (7-8 pages)

For this week’s assignment:

Complete sections XVIII of the Health IT Evaluation Toolkit. The toolkit should be used as a guide for the student to write a word document that includes the sections for this assignment.
APA formatting (including an abstract) is required for this submission.
Your final submission, the evaluation plan, should be formatted as follows:

Short description of the project
Goals of the project
Questions to be answered by the evaluation effort
First measure to be evaluated– quantitative
Overview – general considerations
Study design/comparison group
Data collection plan
Analysis plan
Power/sample size calculations
Second measure to be evaluated– qualitative
Overview – general considerations
Study design
Data collection plan
Analysis plan
Subsequent measures to be evaluated in the same format
Submit your documents below.
For complete information refer to your Health IT Evaluation Project.

If your organization is not considering implementing any new technology in the near future, you may elect to evaluate the process that was completed for a health IT system already in existence.

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