Midterm Study Guide

Midterm Study Guide

1. Dark-field microscopes are effective for…

2. Phase-contrast microscope is effective for…

3. Septicemia definition

4. Microbicidal vs microbiostatic definitions

5. Definitions

a. Mutualism

b. Commensalism

c. Parasitism

d. Amensalism

6. Are sexually active women more susceptible to UTI’s?

7. Schedules of controlled substances

8. Do drugs change living tissues? (physiologically, biochemically, biologically)

9. Blood borne diseases

10. Biosafety levels

11. Gram positive and gram negative bacteria

12. Most effective alcohol percentage

13. Factors influencing antimicrobial effectiveness

14. How long should you boil water to kill most bacteria and viruses?

15. Sterilization definition

16. Characteristics of protozoans

17. What mold is responsible for the production of penicillin?

18. Is HIV a DNA or RNA virus?

19. Are viruses inert outside of the host cell?

20. Which organisms are prokaryotes and which are eukaryotes?

21. Eukaryotic cell labeling

22. Fields in which microbiology is used

23. Ions definition

24. Isotopes definition

25. Hypertonic

26. Hypotonic

27. Isotonic

28. Stages of mitosis and their order

29. Anaerobes

30. Aerobes

31. Dimorphic fungi definition

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