Metaparadigm and Watson

Metaparadigm and Watson

Take one component in the Metaparadigm of Nursing, identify and discuss the concept or concepts of Watson’s Theory of Caring that support that Watson wrote a theory of nursing based on the criteria established in the Metaparadigm of Nursing.

Citations: At least 3 high-level scholarly peer-reviewed references in APA from within the last 5 years
Metaparadigm and Watson

Metaparadigm and Watson

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Metaparadigm and Watson
Metaparadigms are ideas and propositions describing the phenomena studied by a particular field. In other words, metaparadigms of nursing are all things included in becoming a nurse in a single framework. They provide a comprehensive approach to patient care. The four metaparadigms of nursing are the environment, person, health, and nursing (Deliktas et al., 2019). They are governed by laws that check the utmost function of human healthcare, how individuals interact with the environment and how changes occur in human health.
Jean Watson came up with her Human Caring Theory based on the Person component. Through the Person component, Watson encourages a practice of providing human care to address individual needs. For her, accepting and honoring the needs of all people, regardless of their differences, was a fundamental principle (Sitzman &Watson, 2018). She also held the view that a person could only be totally cured if they used a three-pronged approach to healing: mind, body, and spirit. The nurse must be there at all times, and the patient’s dignity must be respected and preserved at all times to ensure that each person is cherished and understood.
A patient with a chronic disease, for example, may suffer from incapacitating symptoms that make it difficult for them to go about their regular routines. This deprives the sufferer of their capacity to function independently and the opportunity to enjoy their freedom (Wei & Watson, 2019). Thus, the patient could feel helpless and despondent due to the treatment. It is critical that the nurse be there to provide emotional support and practical assistance to the patient during these trying moments. The nurse can assist the patient manage and protecting the patient from succumbing to emotions of impotence and sadness.

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Metaparadigm and Watson

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