Mental Health Movie Analysis

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Mental Health Movie Analysis “Call Me Crazy”

Watch the 5-part movie and write an APA style paper that addresses the following questions. This assignment is worth 100 points. See provided grading rubric. Integrate outside sources to support your points. Outside sources must be peer-reviewed journal articles or the textbook. Required: 1 peer-reviewed source; 1 textbook citation

Audience: your nursing colleagues Purpose: to explain/to inform

Content/Suggested Outline:

Episode 1

1. What mental illness does Lucy have?

2. What positive purpose does the group therapy session serve for Lucy in the beginning of episode one?

3. Explain what positive and negative symptoms of this disease are?

4. What specific positive symptoms does Lucy display?

Episode 2

1. What mental illness does Grace’s mother have? Explain this disease.

2. What behaviors does Grace’s mother display during her manic episodes?

3. What compliance issues does Grace’s mother have with her disease?

4. What type of cognitive distortion does Grace believe during the chaos of her mothers’ illness? (see your textbook for examples of cognitive distortions)

5. What does Grace finally conclude about herself as related to her mother’s illness?

Episode 3

1. Describe stigma as related to mental health in your own words.

2. What is a command hallucination?

3. What happened when Lucy had a command hallucination?

4. How did Lucy’s mental illness affect her family members?

Episode 4

1. What symptoms does Eddie Tannenbaum display with his depression?

2. Describe how his wife is affected by Eddie’s depression.

3. What is the irony with Eddie’s disease and his profession?

Episode 5

1. What symptoms of PTSD does Maggie have?

2. Define hope in your own words why is hope so important?


1. What did you gain from watching this movie.

2. Describe your feelings towards the movie and characters portrayed. Were they accurate depictions of the disease state?

3. How did watching this movie change your perspective towards mental health patients.

Required Formatting & Length: APA 7th ed; 6 pages (Cover page & Reference page are not included)

Mental Health Writing Assignment Grading Rubric




APA Format

10 to 5 pts

Full Marks

Correct formatting, with title and reference page. Use of two references in correct form.

4.9 to 3.5 pts

Needs improvement

3-5 errors in APA formatting

3.5 to 0 pts

No Marks

Greater than 5 errors

10 pts


20 to 10 pts

Full Marks

Minimal grammar errors. Correct sentence structure and no spelling errors.

9.9 to 3.5 pts

Needs improvement

Spelling errors, subject and verb agreement errors and incomplete sentence structure

3.5 to 0 pts

No Marks

More than 5 spelling errors, more than 3 incomplete sentences

20 pts

Nursing content

60 to 40 pts

Full Marks

Covers each area in a concise manner. All major areas covered. Evidence based practice is cited. Medical terminology is used properly.

39.9 to 20 pts

Needs improvement

Missing 3 basic areas of nursing knowledge, or appropriate answers to specific nursing related questions. Lacking a source of strong evidence.

19.9 to 0 pts

No Marks

No evidence cited and not covering major concepts.

60 pts


10 to 5 pts

Full Marks

Paper 6 pages in length. Cover page and reference page included.

4.9 to 3.5 pts

Needs improvement

Missing 1 of the following- cover page, reference page. Less than 6 pages or excessive amount over 6 pages.

3.5 to 0 pts

No Marks

Greater than 1 of these criteria missing.

10 pts

Total Points: 100

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