Interactive case simulations for testing ability to treat a patient over a disease course

Interactive case simulations for testing ability to treat a patient over a disease course

tudents, practicing nurses and those advancing their degrees require additional tools that help them with their tasks. The information age has extensive benefits to nursing because it has come with useful tools that are simple to access on mobile devices in the form of apps. These are essential free apps that simplify the lives of nurses.

1. Merck ManualMerck manual that is available on iOS and Android is one of the free apps that are becoming rare these days. It sets itself from others because the developers believe that people have a universal right to health information. Merck Manual which is the oldest published textbook for medical professionals who speak English is also free on iTunes. This app includes the following:

  • How to do videos on various physical examinations and outpatient procedures.
  • Quizzes that check knowledge of the medical disorders, symptoms and their treatments
  • Interactive case simulations for testing ability to treat a patient over a disease course
  • Editorials by top medical experts

Some users believe that it is something that each nurse should have on the phone. Merck manual has an excellent interface, offline use, and home user version. Merck Manual users do not have to put up with ads or buy additional functionality to make useful. A wide variety of information is at the fingertips after downloading.

2. Nurse Pocket GuideNurses pocket guide in the form of an app has frequent updates with fresh information on diagnosis and intervention. The free nursing pocket guide that is available on Google Play and iTunes has a diagnosis listing that includes:


  • Related factors
  • Defining characteristics
  • Prioritized actions/interventions
  • NIC/NOC classifications
  • Documentation of guidelines

3. Nursing Central

Nursing central app available on iOS and Android devices has won an award for providing lots of customers satisfying information drug and disease. The details help students and practicing nurses to work more efficiently courtesy of detailed information on diseases, testing, medicine, and procedure while on the move. Users like it because all the necessary references are available. Nursing central has a great search that can pull up an item in all references.

4. Diseases DictionaryDiseases dictionary is a free Android and iOS app offering an extensive list of illnesses and conditions that nurses are likely to encounter. The list also includes symptoms and treatments. Users can type symptoms, and a list of various possible diseases appears. Diseases dictionary provides comprehensive information on dealing with symptoms, preventing the disease and improving knowledge on the diseases. It has a rating of 4.3/5 on Google Play Store that is extremely fantastic considering that it is a free app.

5. Nurse FirstThis is an app that lives up to its claims of putting the needs of nurses first. Nurses can find daily tips, giveaways, fun facts, vine and quotes for instant downloading. It has a rating of glorious 4.7/5 making it a must-have app for the nurses.

6. Epocrates RXEpocrates RX is a free app available in Android and iOS focusing on direct patient care. It is an ad-free app where nurses can find information on thousands of drugs. They can also use up to 30 medications at once to check for drug compatibility. The excellent functionality of Epocrates RX a must –have app for many medical professionals from various spheres including nursing.

7. MedPage TodayMedPage Today is a go-to app for the latest developments in the medical world. It is a leading source for professionals to find breaking news in medicine. MedPage Today has daily coverage of more than 30 specialties, annual coverage of over 60 meetings and symposia as well as continuing education credits. It is an App that provides all the medical news in one place.

8.Nursing Reference CenterNursing Reference Center is a place for nurses to learn more nursing skills by reading relevant clinical resources, directly at the point of care and most recent clinical evidence from full-text books. It is free, but users must get an access key. Other free nursing apps for nurses are IV Drip Rate Calculator, IV Infusion Calculator, and intensive care medicine. Nurses looking for a lightered break from the stressful nursing work can get the nursing jokes app on android to find humor that takes them through long shifts.

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