Discuss the interrelationship among nursing theory, nursing practice, and nursing research

Discuss the interrelationship among nursing theory, nursing practice, and nursing research
Discuss the interrelationship among nursing theory, nursing practice, and nursing research.
Discuss the interrelationship among nursing theory, nursing practice, and nursing research


Theory, Practice and Research

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Theory, Practice and Research
Nursing is a profession viewed through exercise to reflect man’s actions to change the world into a better place. Through this viewpoint, research arises to make contributions to the general knowledge that exists. In doing so, the continuum of nursing theory, which informs nursing practice, and researchers find more methods of operation, ensues.
Nursing research comprises professionals motivated by knowledge to find simpler and agreeable solutions to problems. They input their convictions, emotions, and aspirations to develop beautiful concepts that connect deeply with each researcher and strive to refine, strengthen, and increase the scientific knowledge in nursing research (“Nursing research and theories,” 2020). The continuous methods that ensue form the relationship between nursing practice and nursing research inform decisions through careful observation, active listening, and open-mindedness, translating to reflections and musings. These reflections usually translate into questions about nursing practice and care, questions that must-have solutions. Nursing research is thus responsible for generating, redefining, and producing new knowledge that informs nursing practice.
Research cannot exist without a framework of guiding principles. These principles are derived from existing nursing theories. The theories are usually significant research findings related to the existing nursing practice concepts and represented by the person, environment, health, and wealth (Gaines, 2020). These theories are tested by researchers using internationally accredited standards and are backed by theoretical evidence, without which, they would not be useful in solving problems in nursing practice. Nursing research is relevant as it energizes the nursing knowledge based on varying concepts, philosophical positions of the researchers, the concepts they use, empirical data they collect, and the theories at hand. The structure eases the descriptions, explanations, and predictions and elaborates innovative concepts to inform nursing practice. Nursing theories are thus relevant to provide the framework within which researchers base their methods and inform their choices.
Nursing practice is guided by evidence and theory from previous encounters with similar problems. The practice methods they used that worked were based on research methods that informed previous practices (Saleh, 2018). The cycle continues with each problem that arises in generating knowledge through research and applying it in clinical practice, keeping in mind the current scientific methods’ realities. Nursing research based on different foundations explores different approaches that achieve a solution that is abstract but relevant in practice. It thus allows for the development of human science and the nursing practice. Nursing practice is thus relevant to prove a platform that arises myriad problems that need solutions through research. In addition, it also provides a platform for applying evidence-based research solutions.
A distinguished nursing practice scenario should be supported by nursing science, where research and science interrelate. The theories that drive the science are founded on nursing practice concepts and proposals. The outcome would be enhanced patient care and nursing practice and provides safe and cost-effective care. In addition, nursing as a service and profession depends on the ability of nurses to understand and apply knowledge from theories and evidence to solve problems that arise in clinical setups and on nurse researchers to build and maintain nursing knowledge and theories. Nursing practice thus informs nursing research areas, which seek solutions using evidence in theories. Likewise, the research finds solutions using evidence from previous methods and informs nursing practice.
Nursing theory, nursing practice, and nursing research are different aspects of nursing that cannot exist without each other. Nurses need solutions using evidence from previous methods to provide holistic care. Researchers need practice setups to provide problems that need solutions using theories and evidence, and theories provide the backing of knowledge needed for research and practice. 
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Discuss the interrelationship among nursing theory, nursing practice, and nursing research

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