Differentiate qualitative and quantitative research in terms of philosophy, methodology, and outcome.

Differentiate qualitative and quantitative research in terms of methodology, and outcome.

Reflect back over the term. What one thing did you learn in the course that you were able to apply in your work during the term? One if the key point I learned in this course high quality care and this high quality is supported by evidence. I also learned to continue to expand my knowledge through evidence based practice and research. I learned a lot from the student post different kind of disease and evidence based research. Gaining knowledge of EBP and learning strategies for implementation are critical skills for nurses.

What one thing are you most looking forward to applying to your career in the future.

I am looking forward to applying to my career in the future when I practice to practice my nursing skills based on Evidence Based practice. I learned about both qualitative and quantitative methods search for responses to questions of “how, where, when, who and why” with a viewpoint to develop a theory or discredit a present hypothesis. In general, qualitative research focuses on meanings, concepts, feelings and/or descriptions with respect to psycho-social parts of patient care, planning, and health of societies. Unlike quantitative research which accomplishes arithmetical information and their accurate versions, qualitative research represents non-numerical. Quantitative and qualitative research help answering for research paper and which questions you want answer.

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Explain the purpose of in an evidence-based practice environment.

Differentiate qualitative and quantitative research in terms of methodology, and outcome.

Critically analyze various types of research methods, designs, for scientific merit.

Investigate the literature to gain knowledge related to a select problem in education, administration or practice.

Evaluate the reliability, validity, and typical outcomes of instruments commonly used for nursing research.

Explore ethical principles as they relate to research and evidence-based practice.

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