Descriptive statistics are just what they sound like, statistics that allow you to describe or summarize the data with regard to such things as their distribution and their spread. Descriptive statistics provide you with a picture of your data while inferential statistics (which we will discuss in subsequent assessments) allow you to draw conclusions about relationships between variables or differences between groups.
A solid understanding of descriptive statistics is foundational to grasping the concepts presented in inferential statistics. This assessment measures your understanding of key elements of descriptive statistics.
Your first IBM SPSS assessment includes two sections in which you will do the following:
1. Create two histograms.
2. Calculate measures of central tendency and dispersion.
This will give you some experience with the data set.

Learner Name
Capella University

Section 1: Histograms for Visual Interpretation
Definition of variables.
SPSS Variables and Definitions
SPSS Variable Definition
Gender female =1; male =2
Final final exam: number of correct answers

Histogram of male and female students.

The final result of male student is more concentrated around the mean and is not spread too much, characteristics of a normal distribution. The final score from the female students is slightly more spread as compared to the male. It is evident that the female students final score will produce a bigger standard deviation than the male student.
Section 2: Calculate Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion

Descriptive Statistics
N Mean Std. Deviation Skewness Kurtosis
Statistic Statistic Statistic Statistic Std. Error Statistic Std. Error
gender 105 1.39 .490 .456 .236 -1.828 .467
final 105 61.84 7.635 -.341 .236 -.277 .467
Valid N (listwise) 105

The grades data had a data size of n=105 students, the mean final score of the student was, 61.84. the final score had a standard deviation of 7.635 and was slightly skewed to the left. Gender of thee students being a categorical data not continuous produced descriptive information that has no statistical significance.


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