Describe the pharmacokinetics of the fluid/medication?

Describe the pharmacokinetics of the fluid/medication?


Task 1: Assessment

Based on your chosen case scenario and in grammatically correct sentences identify:

• Three (3) priority nursing assessments you would conduct at the commencement of your shift


For each assessment you have identified explain:

• Why it is necessary for the patient’s condition and nursing care?

• What consequences can occur if this assessment is not completed accurately?

• What chart or document could you use to assist with/record your assessments?

Task 2: Care Plan

Based solely on the handover you have received and using the template provided, complete a nursing care plan for your patient. Your plan must address the physical, functional and psychosocial aspects of care.

Three (3) nursing problems have been provided for you. For each nursing problem on your care plan you need to identify;

• What it is related to?

• Goal of care

• Interventions

• Rationales for interventions

• Evaluation

Task 3 Patient Education

Patient education and discharge planning starts on admission and you need to provide your patient with education during your shift in preparation for discharge home.

• Explain two (2) important points/topics you will need to include in your patient’s preparation for discharge to aid healing and prevent further illness.

For each education point identified provide:

• One (1) strategy to assist your patient to implement the education into their daily routine.

Task 4: Medication

• Calculate the hourly rate of the compound sodium lactate and the sodium chloride infusions. List the formula that you used.

• Choose two (2) medications that your patient has been prescribed (one (1) from their IV fluid order and one (1) from their medication order) and include the following in your discussion:

Describe the pharmacokinetics of the fluid/medication? Why has your patient been prescribed this fluid/medication?

Discuss any side effects that could affect the patient.


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