Circular RNAs in the Heart and Cardiovascular System

Circular RNAs in the Heart and Cardiovascular System
Introduction of the Topic
In their study, Lim et al. explore circular RNAs (circRNAs) in the heart and cardiovascular system. It is essential to note that Dr. Lim Teck Beng is an obstetrician & gynecologist from Singapore (“Dr. Lim Teck Beng,” 2020). Lavenniah Annadoray is “a graduate from the University of Sydney (2015), with a double major in Applied Mathematics and Molecular Biology & Genetics” (“Lavenniah Annadoray,” 2020, para. 1). Roger Foo is a “Professor of Medicine at the National University of Singapore (NUS)” and a senior employee at several medical institutions (“Roger Foo,” 2020, para. 1). They aim to review recent work related to circRNAs in the heart and cardiovascular system to identify potential new ways of treatment of heart diseases.
The researchers used the literature review as a research method and design. It is worth noting that author Lim et al. (2020) reviewed more than one hundred and twenty works. The authors chose scholarly articles related to such topics as circRNAs in the heart and circRNAs in the cardiovascular system. Such online databases as a circuit, circBase, CIRCpedia, and many others served as sources of scientific works.

One of the findings of the paper is that circRNAs perform a molecular regulatory function in cardiovascular diseases pathogenesis. The authors also note that there is a lack of work on highly conserved circRNAs and how circRNAs are folded (Lim et al., 2020). Researchers believe that circRNAs have the potential to be circulating biomarkers for cardiovascular disease and artificially engineered for further use in therapy.

The authors conclude that circRNAs, their properties, and their functions are important and promising topics in cardiology. They also believe that further research on circRNAs could provide a theoretical and practical basis for new studying, diagnosing, and treatment methods of heart disease (Lim et al., 2020). After the conclusion, the authors mention funding sources for their research and clarify that there is no conflict of interest.

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