Benchmark Assessment: Using Data to Address Quality Measures

Benchmark Assessment: Using Data to Address Quality Measures

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Read the following scenario.

The patient is a 40-year-old female who presents to the emergency department for low back pain. The pain has been present for 2 weeks, and no injury has been noted. The patient has no history of previous low back pain. The emergency department immediately orders an MRI of the lumbar spine for low back pain. The patient waits in her room in the emergency department for 2 hours without anyone checking on her. She is finally told that the in-house MRI is down for maintenance, so she schedules an appointment for another day. The patient is at the emergency department for more than 280 minutes from arrival to discharge.

Two days later, the patient goes to her appointment for her MRI at the radiology department. She must register and provide all the same information that she has already given at the emergency department regarding her history and other pertinent information. The patient’s appointment was scheduled for 1 p.m., and at 1:45 p.m. she still has not been called back for her test. No one has updated her regarding the delay. Finally, the patient is taken back for her test at 2 p.m. and is not given any explanation for the delay except that the department is short-staffed. The patient is not happy about her experience at the radiology department.

When the patient receives her Explanation of Benefits from her insurance company, she realizes the MRI was not pre-certified correctly. Now she owes a large portion of the bill because the physician did not try other means, such as physical therapy, prior to receiving a costly MRI.

Access Medicare’s Hospital Compare website and complete the following steps:

Locate the Find a Hospital box.
Enter Columbus, Ohio 43214
Select Riverside Methodist Hospital
Review the category tabs (e.g., General Information) at the top of the hospital’s profile to complete this assignment.

Complete the chart on the Using Data to Address Quality Measures worksheet using the data from Hospital Compare.

You are provided with 3 categories relevant to the scenario. If you would like to identify an additional measure(s) and data from Hospital Compare that relate to the scenario, please use the blank line item in the table or add another row(s).

Write a 350- to 700-word paper that analyzes the measures that have an influence on the facility in the scenario.

Include the following in your paper:

Explain the measures and corresponding data listed in the table.
Provide the data table listing the measures and corresponding data points within the presentation.
Analyze 2 sources, in addition to Hospital Compare, that you would use to find public information on facilities regarding the measures presented in the scenario.
Select 1 measure from the data table and analyze how the quality of this measure could affect the facility in the scenario.

Cite 3 peer-reviewed or similar references to support your presentation on the references slide.
Benchmark Assessment: Using Data to Address Quality Measures

Benchmark Assessment: Using Data to Address Quality Measures

Student’s Name
Institution Affiliation

Hospital Chosen
Riverside Methodist Hospital,
3535 Olentangy River Rd
Columbus, OH 43214
(614) 566-4210

Data Table
Category From Scenario List the Measure Used to Represent the Category Statistic for Hospital Measure Statistic for State Measure Statistic for National Measure
Use of Medical Imaging Outpatients with low-back pain who had an MRI without trying recommended treatments. 30.2% 35.2% 38.5%
Timely and Effective Care Average time patients spent in the emergency department before leaving. 192 minutes 161 minutes 173 minutes
Patient Satisfaction: Communication from Nurses Patients who reported that their nurses “Always” communicated well. 79% 81% 80%

Analyse two sources, in addition to Hospital Compare, that you would use to find public information on facilities regarding the measures presented in the scenario.
The Medicare ( website is a helpful research tool as it offers critical assistance in obtaining critical information on the how a healthcare facility is rated in relation to service provision. It is a national repository with up-to-date information on the rating and performance approximates of all healthcare facilities in the nation.
The Centre for Medicare and Medicaid Services website ( is also an online platform that incorporates relevant data on health care facilities and the services offered, including the relevant statistics that may help one understand the level and quality of care.
Ohio Hospital compare ( is a website that offers information n hospital-specific infections and information on the services offered and ratings on their quality. It is relevant in this case as it may be used to access data on information about hospitals in Columbia, Ohio.
Select one measure from the data table and analyze how the quality of this measure could affect the facility in the scenario.
Proper nurse-patient communication is a vital element in determining the equality of service delivery and the impact of the treatment process to the patient (Burgener, 2020). This measure directly influences all other measures and failure to communicate properly with the patient has the likelihood of affecting the quality of care. To be a clinical nurse in the United States, one is required to have exceptional communication skills as they are necessary for use in situations that are highly stressful. Good communication skills entail the ability to carefully listen, understand and deliver information to the patient in a well-articulated manner that will be easy for them to understand (Touati et al., 2022). In an emergency situation, it may also be used to calm the patient down.
The survey for patient satisfaction was carried out on 1013 individuals with a response rate of 24%. According to, the hospital statistic for Riverside Methodist Hospital is 79%. These are individuals who agreed that they were highly satisfied with the way nurses in the facility communicated with them. It was, however, below the national average of 80%. The state average for Ohio was at 81%. These figures, although good, need improvement.
Improvement in nurse-to-patient communication can be attained by offering communication training programs for clinical nurses (Burgener, 2020). Therapy sessions and improved social interactions are also necessary as they help reduce the stress and tension experienced by emergency room nurses; stress may be a big contributor to poor communication (Touati et al., 2022).

Burgener, A. M. (2020). Enhancing communication to improve patient safety and to increase patient satisfaction. The health care manager, 39(3), 128-132.
Health compare: Riverside Methodist Hospital. Retrieved from
Touati, R., Sailer, I., Marchand, L., Ducret, M., & Strasding, M. (2022). Communication tools and patient satisfaction: A scoping review. Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry, 34(1), 104-116.

Benchmark Assessment: Using Data to Address Quality Measures

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