Becoming a professional nurse

Becoming a professional nurse

these are the 4 questions
FORMAT: Portfolio
Length:500 words
its a portfolio so can insert own opinions
1) What does being a nurse mean to you? In your response include your values, beliefs, qualities, and personal identity as a nurse.
2)Share an aspect of your own culture and explain how it can influence your practice as a nurse.
3)How can you make an impact on society as a nurse?
4)As a student, identify strategies that demonstrate your commitment to the nursing profession.

A minimum of three references is to be included, which includes the following: one journal article; one NMBA document or nursing standard; one book. this need to included please and the reference is APA 7th edition and intext citation should be used as well.
Becoming a professional nurse

Becoming a professional nurse

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Becoming a professional nurse
What does being a nurse mean
I believe that the nursing profession complements various patient care components and ensures that people get the best care. Being a nurse means putting different things into account, which aids in establishing opportunities and connections for better observation. Also, in my view, being a nurse means being trained to offer care to individuals who are injured or sick and showing them affection throughout their recovery process (Cleary & Lees, 2019). My beliefs, values, qualities, and personal identity as a nurse aligns or are linked to having a human relationship with the patients, being honest, and showing empathy and sympathy. I also believe in privacy and confidentiality, autonomy in decision making, accuracy and precision in care, autonomy, altruism, professional competency, and upholding.
An aspect of culture and explain how it can influence your practice as a nurse.
Cultures play an integral role in shaping our behaviors, beliefs, and values. I am from family-oriented culture, and this can impact my practice as a nurse since I am very compassionate and patient with patients and their families. In my culture, family is an integral part of patient care and is highly involved in care planning and decision-making. I also respect and advocate for patients’ personal space and privacy (Ossenberg et al., 2021). I am also very respectful and abide by the authority figures since, in my culture, we are taught that it is vital to show respect to those in authority positions. Lastly, I am very communal and prefer working in teams as my culture advocates the importance of collaborative work, which helps achieve the common goal faster.

How to make an impact on society as a nurse?
As a nurse, one can significantly impact society in different ways. First of all, one can offer direct care to the patients, which can help better their health and quality of their life. A nurse should also be an advocate for their patients and families. Also, a nurse can impact society by educating the public and patients on health and wellness, as this could be a vital criterion for helping curb diseases and promoting healthy lifestyles. A nurse can also advocate for the patients and the nursing profession, which can improve access to quality healthcare and a working environment for the staff (Daly & Jackson, 2020). Lastly, nurses could be involved in research and EBP to help foster better patient care.
As a student, identify strategies that demonstrate your commitment to the nursing profession.
As a nursing student, I commit myself to my profession by studying hard and ensuring I attain top grades. I also commit to career development by being up-to-date with the new developments in the nesting field, attending seminars and conferences, networking, and pursuing courses. I will also uphold my commitment by seeking feedback from my colleagues and self-reflection. Some additional strategies that prove my commitment to the nursing career are upholding active membership in different professional nursing organizations, volunteering, participating in research initiatives and projects, and serving on boards or committees related to the nursing profession.
The outlined strategies will assist me in maintaining a compassionate, purposeful, and safe philosophy in my future nursing profession. Firstly, the strategies will assist me in being up-to-date with recent inventions in the nursing field, which will help me offer effective and safe care to my patients. Also, the strategies that will assist me in taking part in research initiatives or projects will help me expand my insights or knowledge on different matters. Lastly, the strategies will assist me in volunteering more as this would make a significant difference in my nursing profession.

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Becoming a professional nurse

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