Assignment 4.1: Motivation And Motivation Strategies Motivation And Motivation Strategies Objectives

Assignment 4.1: Motivation and Motivation Strategies
Motivation and Motivation Strategies
Describe the theories and perspectives on motivation
Identify the different types of motivation and their nature
Assignment Overview
This reaction and response assignment explores theories, perspectives, and types of motivation.

A one-page (12-point font) paper

Step 1 Review the major theories of motivation.

Review the major theories of motivation in this lesson and in at least two articles. For example, you might read these articles:

Theories of Human Motivation
Employee Motivation
Step 2 Answer the questions.

Answer the following questions:

What is motivating you to attend school?
What motivates you generally? Consider the arousal, incentive, and self-determination theories.
Where do you fall in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?
What strategies do you use to motivate yourself?
Step 3 Report your findings.

Write a one-page report on your motivators based on the major theories of motivation.

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